Clean Power

Classes marked with an *** are also available ONLINE!


  • PTL007- “Can We Talk?” (2hrs)
    • Discover strategies to use in the classroom that will encourage infants and toddlers to develop their language skills and enhance their opportunities for learning.  Covers 10 strategies for enhancing infant/toddler communication in the classroom. 


  • PTL008- Hey Baby, Look What I Can Do!! (2 hrs)
    • For infants, each new discovery is a building block for future learning, just as knowing this information will be a foundation for teachers to gain additional child development knowledge.  Covers learning schemes, cause and effect, imitation, spatial relations, object permanence, use of tools. 


  • PTL009- Flexible, Feisty, and Fearful (2 hrs)
    • Learn the 9 temperamental traits & strategies for dealing with three main temperament styles. You might just learn a little about yourself, too. Covers temperament vs. personality, the importance of observation, temperamental traits and temperament styles.   


  • PTL010- A Trip to Toddler Town (2 hrs)
    • Create a space where infants and toddlers love to play; a special learning environment that is fun and inviting, yet convenient and comfortable for caregivers.  Covers flexibility, movement, convenience, comfort, child-size and choice. 


  • PTL011- Beware, I Bite! (2 hrs)
    • Why do these cute little children with dimples and curls suddenly turn into  ferocious pit bulls? Learn what to do when Dracula strikes in childcare.  Covers eight reasons why children bite and strategies for prevention. 


  • PTL030- Here’s Your Sign- Sign Language with Infants & Toddlers (2 hours)
    • This workshop provides instruction on how to use sign language to increase communication with infants and toddlers who can not yet express themselves verbally.