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Classes marked with an *** are also available ONLINE!


  • PTL012- From Yogurt to Yield Signs- Literacy in the Environment(2 hrs)
    • Learn to use environmental print in the preschool classroom, particularly in dramatic play, blocks and other learning centers. Covers print knowledge, emergent writing and linguistic awareness. 


  • PTL013- The Outdoor Classroom (2hrs)
    • Let’s take it outside!  Anything you can do inside, you can do outside.  Learn how to expand your classroom and the minds of your children through nature.  Includes “Sharing Nature with Young Children” video and an outdoor scavenger hunt (weather permitting). 


  • *** PTL014- Cultural Diversity and the Holidays (2 hrs)
    • Holidays are supposed to be fun, not frustrating.  Learn how to make everyone joyful by incorporating all the winter holidays while including all children.  Covers: recipes and crafts for the holiday season (main focus on Kwanzaa, Chanukah and Christmas around the world).
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  • *** PTL024- Make Your Own Math (2 hours)
    • Math is all around you.  Learn various math concepts and how to incorporate them into regular routines and integrate concepts into learning so that children may benefit by learning math concepts everyday.
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  • PTL028- Storytime Slime (2 hours)
    The need to extend curriculum into other areas such as science allows children to expand their learning.  Learn to extend learning by linking literacy to science through fun and engaging activities and experiments.



  • PTL033- Blocks Rock!  (2hours)
    Given ample time, space, and materials, the block area can teach across all domains of learning.  Learn how to make your block area rock!