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Classes marked with an *** are also available ONLINE!


  • PTL017- Positive Guidance for 0-5 (2 hours)
    • Learn to understand a child’s behavior based on a variety of factors, eg. child’s age and developmental level or stress the child may be experiencing.  Covers caregiving styles, causes of behavior, prevention techniques and strategies for handling difficult behavior


  • PTL018- Discovering DAP- (2 hours)
    • Are you uncertain how to create an appropriate learning environment for your children? In this interactive training, you will learn what developmentally appropriate means and how you can offer the best practices to the children in your care.


  • *** PTL019- Communicating with Parents (2 hours)
    • Discover the what, where, why, when and how of parent/teacher conferences, daily social conversations and impromptu meetings.  Learn communication skills that will help parents keep their cool and help you keep your job.
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  • *** PTL020- Lesson Planning through Observations (2 OR 3 hours)


  • PTL021- It’s Easy Being Green: Environmentally Friendly Classrooms (2 hours)
    • Come learn fun ways to involve children in taking better care of our planet  and reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible.


  • PTL022- Bubble Baths and Ben and Jerry’s (2 hours)
    • Stressed? Learn why we stress and ways to reduce stress in order to provide quality care and to create a better work environment.


  • PTL023- Come to Your Senses (2 hours)
    • Children learn through their senses. Learn how to provide sensory experiences for children to provide a foundation for further science concepts. Covers new ideas for sensory tables, activities to do with sensory bottles and recipes for some homemade sensory materials.


  • PTL025- Games Children Play (2 hours)
    • Play is how children learn and although all play is fun, not all play is productive.  We will look at play in terms of quality and productivity.  Learn the difference between high quality play and unproductive play.


  • PTL026- Intentional Teaching- the what, how and why of assessing young children (2 hours)
    • Using assessment results to individualize curriculum is a key component of developmentally appropriate practice.   Rather than relying on cookie cutter type canned curricula, learn how and why to assess children using a variety of methods to better plan for children’s needs.


  • PTL027- Protecting Children through Strengthening Families (2 hours)
    • Learn to use strategies that support the 5 Protective Factors that will Strengthen Families and can help to prevent child abuse and neglect in the families that you serve.


  • PTL031- It’s as Easy as Uno, Dos, Tres: Spanish in the Classroom (2 hours)
    This class will teach non-Spanish speaking teachers unique ways of using Spanish in their classrooms.  We will discuss cultural diversity, using songs, labeling items in the classroom, and common phrases to use in Spanish.



  • PTL032- Express Yourself- Appropriate Art Experiences for Young Children (2 hours)
    “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Learn how to let children express their emotions and feelings through real art experiences.


  • PTL034- Transition Time- Tips & Tricks (2 hours)
    Did you know 25-30% of your day is spent in transitions? Learn some helpful hints and see how planning your transitions can make for a better day!


  • PTL035- Reflective Practices (4 hours)
    Teachers often encounter situations in the classroom where activities and lessons that have been planned fail to meet the expected goals. Learn how to use “reflective practice”- to analyze those experiences and make improvements.


  • PTL036- Cooking Across the Curriculum (2 hours)
    Children learn math, science and other concepts best through real life experiences, cooking is a great example of one of those opportunities. Discover how much children can learn from cooking and how to use a recipe as a springboard for lesson planning!