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Whether you want to design your own conference, Super Saturday or weeknight training, Play to Learn has the
options you are looking for. You can host a workshop at your facility or just hold a private training for your staff.
Play to Learn will work with you to make your training needs as convenient and informative as possible. 

In our onsite courses we don't just lecture for 2 hours. As our name suggests, we Play and Learn!  Activities such
as cooking in the classroom, science experiments, scavenger hunts and much more ensure that you will enjoy
your class and learn many ideas to bring back to the classroom.

Start planning your next workshop by taking a look at our list of training topics by clicking the "Training Topics"
link above.  We continually add classes so check in with us often to see what fun, new and exciting classes we
have to offer!


Just email us or call our toll-free number 1-888-894-2829 to get started.


Also, ask about becoming a "host site" for public trainings. Host centers receive 2 free registrations per workshop!



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Why take a Play to Learn CDA class?

  • Convenience - Take the courses on your time, from the comfort of your home.
  • Quality - Highly qualified instructors walk you through each step of your CDA process.
  • Affordability - Payment plans are available or recieve a 10% discount for paying in full.
  • Support - At any time you can contact your instructor with any questions you may have. Our support does not stop until you receive your CDA!


We now offer the CDA course in three different formats!!!



Blended Learning
(Georgia only)

Our online CDA program allows you to access your CDA courses from any computer in the world with high-speed internet.

This format gives you the freedom to easily take your classes at different locations. You can take one session at home, the next after work, and the next in the library.

Your progress is kept by our system so that if you stop in the middle of a course, you can resume where you left off, even if you start again from another computer!

Every step of your CDA process is explained in detail by the instructor on your screen. And if you have questions, a qualified instructor is just a phone call or email away!

Requirements for this format are a computer, high-speed internet and a printer.

Price- $399



Click here to register for the online program

Our DVD CDA program allows you to take your CDA course from anywhere you have access to a DVD player and TV.

When you sign up for your DVD course we will send you sessions 1-20, your CDA textbook and your handouts.

Once you receive your DVDs, just place the session 1 DVD in your DVD player and begin your CDA course. Just like any other DVD, you can pause, rewind, fast forward, or stop and resume at a later time.

Every step of your CDA process is explained in detail by the instructor on your screen. And if you have questions, a qualified instructor is just a phone call or email away!

Price- $479




Click here to register for the DVD program

Our blended learning program is a combination of distance learning and classroom training.

Students meet together once a month to talk about their CDA progress, ask questions and learn from qualified instructors. During this meeting they receive the next sessions on DVD to watch until they meet again.

Price- $699










Click here for more information on the Blended Learning format


For a list of session topics Please Click Here.